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3D Baby Casting (up to 3 years)  
All frames are bespoke and are created by a local professional framer
Single Aperture with any 2 casts of your choice and engraved name plate£90
Double Aperture with any 2 casts, photo and engraved name plate£115
Double Aperture with 4 casts and engraved name plate£145
Triple Aperture with 4 casts, photo and engraved name plate£170
baby casting
3D Child Casting (over 3 years)  
Triple Aperture with 3 sibling casts (up to age 8 years) £185
Quotation on request for children over 8 years.
Baby Casts
Free Standing Hand Casting  
Siblings Hand Cast (2 hands)From £90
Adult and Child Hand Cast (up to the age of 12) £99
Couples Cast£125
Family Casting (3 hands)From £150
Quotation on request for larger casts.
Freestanding Casts
Wall Hanging 3D Casts  
3 HandsFrom £175
Quotation on request for larger family casts
Family Casts
2D Hanging Wall Plaques  
Baby 1 Hand or Foot Impression£25
Baby 2 Hands or Feet Impressions£35
Baby Framed Impression £50
2D Family Hand ImpressionFrom £45
2D LOVE Baby Feet Impression (Framed prices on request) £45
Animal 2D and 3D  
Animal Paw Print framed with photo and engraved name plate£60
3D Animal Paw From £60
3D Dog Paw and Owner Hand Cast £110
Baby Bump Belly Casting  
High Definition Baby Bumps are made by using skin safe Alginate, and Mod Roc. The Alginate picks up every little detail creating a perfect cast of your baby bump. (Prices for adding art or mosaic are also available on request)
High Definition Baby Belly Casts, painted any colour of your choiceFrom £100
High Definition Breasts and Belly Cast From £130
Low Definition Baby Bumps are made by using Mod Roc, and although there is not detail of the skin, we still capture the shape off your perfect baby Bump, these can the be used in your babies first photo shoot.
Low Definition Reinforced Baby Cast, painted£75
Low Definition Reinforced Breasts and Belly Cast, painted
Baby Bump Casts

Also available:

Other body parts

Casts available for any body part on request, please message me for more details.

In Loving Memory

In loving memory casts for babies.

Drying Times​

All casts are naturally dried and take around 6 weeks to complete due to drying out times (a little longer for larger family casts). It is very important that casts are fully dried before painting because if they are not, mould will grow on the casts. All casts are hand painted and sealed.